Revolutionizing Exercise

We're looking to turn fitness on its head with cutting edge Augmented Reality and Cloud Computing technology.

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Using Augmented Reality glasses, we will turn exercise from a boring, monotonous chore into a fun and engage video game!


The Features of ARX

ARX is a combination of technologies tailored by fitness professionals for fitness professionals. We develop the technology alongside constant testing in real world gyms. We're dedicated to creating a solution that will change the world!

Augmented Reality
We use cutting edge augmented reality glasses and focus on mobility and style.
Performance Data
We will store the users' data in an Azure-based backend so they can review their progress!
Facebook Integration
Progress can be reviewed through Facebook and be shared friends!
Mobile App
Users can also review their data through their mobile phones on the go.
Full Fitness Program
ARX will be supplied with an industry-standard fitness program for maximum gain.
Continual Updates
We'll regularly create more games to keep you engaged at the gym.

How ARX Works

Here's a slice of how ARX works. You do the workout and then you can review your progress against your friends!

We're Looking for Early Adopters

We're looking for other like minded Personal Trainers and Gym Managers to help us to refine ARX so it best serves the fitness industry. Join us in shaping the future of exercise!

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