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June 1, 2012


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We are a new indie studio who focus on horror games in VR - our passion!


Phantasmal - Summary

Phantasmal is a procedurally generated survival horror where the player must uncover the secret of the Kowloon Walled City and survive.

Game Description

Full Steam Release: 14 Apr 2016 PST

Experience Terror that is Never the Same Twice with Phantasmal: City of Darkness, a procedurally generated survival horror where every playthrough is completely different. You simply cannot rely on your previous experience to guarantee safe passage.

You will need to face off against lurking, otherworldly horrors in the perilous, run-down Kowloon Walled City before its destruction in the early 90s.

You are fragile. Not just physically, but mentally as well. The grotesque creatures will challenge your very sanity and losing your mind can be a fate worse than death!

The odds are stacked steeply against you, but you can prevail through sheer cunning. You must scavenge for resources carefully, sneak past and distract your enemies. If you are caught, you can fight back, but don’t expect to live for very long.

The environment has been carefully crafted by none other than Brian Bell, critically acclaimed lighting lead of several Hollywood movies, including Riddick, Life of Pi, The Ring 2.

Key Features:

  • Fear the unknown: Every ramshackle, disgusting room and corridor is uniquely generated - battle your anxiety as you’ll never know what comes next!
  • Don't Go Insane: Facing terrifying creatures and skulking in the suffocating darkness will erode your sanity until you can no longer tell the difference between reality and illusion!
  • Tread Softly: Every fight you have could be your last. Sneak past and distract your enemies as much as possible.
  • Light, Both an Ally and Enemy: Every asset to survivability has a price. Use light sources wisely - you’ll need them to restore your sanity, but you’ll risk being seen!
  • Scavenge to Survive: Scrounge the environment for anything you can use: from firecrackers and flares through to wooden boards and metal pipes. Guns are rare, but if you find one remember that every bit of noise you make will attract more creatures, and eventually much, much worse!



Gameplay Trailer YouTube

Official Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner of the Kiwi Game Starter" - The first official New Zealand Indie Game Competition

Selected Articles

  • ""Phantasmal's world is randomly generated with each playthrough, making the horror all the more unpredictable.""
    - IGN, IGN
  • ""The game had no dramas in scaring the hell out of me! *pants check for poo*""
    - MKAU, MKAU

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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Joe Chang
Team Lead, Developer

Jeff Chilberto
Senior Developer

Brian Bell
Environment Artist

Kit Chan

Lena Yaroshenko
3d Artist

David Cummins

Kim Sanderhoff

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